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The best ideas need to be heard.
Thunderclap helps groups of people share a single message automatically at the same time.
Visit thundrclap.it
Communicate in the most natural way possible.
Pling is a quick, short-form, asynchronous voice messenger.
Visit joinpling.com
See your email differently.
Birdseye is an iPad app built for how we consume and create messages today.
Visit birdseyemail.com
Night Out
Recapture your night out with friends.
Night Out is a photo sharing app that puts anticipation back into taking photos with groups of friends and at events.
Coming Soon

Kids Chore App

The Product Idea: A product that takes the analog method of rewarding kids with stars and points for doing chores and replaces it with an interactive game between parents and kids to improve their behavior all on an iPad.

Why We Cut It: Many similar products already in the market and not a strong relationship to the category among our team.


DE-DE is a product development studio driven by a unique combination of marketers and engineers who build early stage products and grow them into sustainable businesses. Our ideas blend storytelling, branding and distribution with engineering, design and data to create product experiences that are technically and visually compelling. Our aim is to bring a touch of humanity to technology.